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Why am I not on the leaderboard Luke?

Well that my friend, is a damn good question!!


I don't think I've failed to fix a Strava issue relating to segments and the PCR leaderboard yet and we've been going for a good few years! Worse case scenario I've logged into a few of your accounts before and sorted the issue. So below are the common issues and fixes, both so you can fix them yourself but also so I don't forget them. Pictures are at the bottom. If in doubt message me on Facebook, I won't always reply immediately but I will and you'll be on the leaderboard in no time!

The segment doesn't show on my activity but I think I did it...? (The most common reason...)

1. Activity Settings... (Picture 1) In order to feature on a Strava leaderboard and thus the PCR Leaderboard you need to have "Sport" set to "Run" regardless of whether it was a Run, Walk, Crawl or other fandangled method of completing the route. Also, "Who can see" must be set to "Everyone". Once the results are on Facebook by all means change this back if you're worried about potential weirdos checking out your PCR segment

My activity shows I got the segment but I wasn't on the leaderboard...

2. Timing... Get your run uploaded as soon as you complete it is the best idea. I work offshore and if we happen to be on a transit on Monday night, I'll crack out the results in the early Tuesday morning... Other times I won't get it done till the following weekend - but it will get done.

3. Map Visibility settings... (Picture 2) The whole thing needs to be unhidden, basically all settings off.

Fixes 1 and 3 can be "globally" apply to all activities should you want to but we only require you to do it for singular activities... The TT's you complete.

I did the route but took a wrong turn/got lost/had an adventure...

Well, Congratulations! You have discovered the very point of Plymouth Coastal Runners... to go out exploring! Unfortunately Strava is clever but not a genius, even if you go back to where you left the route, in Strava's eyes you didn't get it. But don't worry, simply send me a link to your Strava activity and you'll be on the board. This also goes for almighty cock-ups please... ran it backwards, added a few miles etc all makes for a good giggle! One other option is to quibble it with Strava (Picture 3) which you'll have to do to be on the Strava board, but this can take a while so always send me the link if you're wanting to be on the far more important, PCR Leaderboard!!

Strava Fix 1.png
Strava Fix 2_edited.jpg
Strava Fix 3.png
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