COVID Trig Point Challenge


Hello and welcome to the COVID Trig Point Challenge! A few mates thoroughly enjoyed this and some even used it as their motivation to get out for their one exercise so figured we'd open it up to the country and see how many we can get before the end of lockdown! Some time is killed finding out whether you can do it or not... that is a simple yes or no :) The challenge is open to you and anyone you find yourself isolating with, kids, dogs even the lizard so long as its on a lead. Don't Break The Rules!! And Most Definitely  NO DRIVING!!!

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Task 1. (Map/Internet based)

Can you reach one of the 6190 trig points (not limited to just pillars) in your one daily exercise? (Like the government, this is down to your ability and common sense, it is not a game of who can travel the furthest!)... The Answer Yes/No. If No, you have completed the challenge, Well Done! Do not continue, but feel free to post a selfie on the Facebook group to let us know you've taken part

Handy Hint for finding your local Trigs:

We have a group account on the Trig Pointing UK website, this is where you can find those local to you and also log any you get. If your postcode doesn't return results Google, convert post code to grid reference and give the grid reference a go...


Username: COVID Trig Point Challenge

Password: CTPC2020

Task 2. Go get it tiger!

Take a photo/selfie and post it along with where you got to on the Facebook group 

Nutters are limited to only pillars as no one needs to contemplate climbing a tower or church spire rather than taking a picture at the base :D For anyone else, all trigs count as we want as many people as possible to join us in what is effectively a fruitless National Treasure Hunt!

                                                                                        Just #besensible #applycommonsense #dontbeawally

Task 3. Log them on the group account!

Using the login details above, log your visit and lets see how many of the 6190 we can get by the end of lockdown.

Time limit: Until COVID does one

Here's a history of the Trig Pillar for some light reading...


Share far and wide! Spread to anyone that may need a little motivation or to those that need a reason to change their one COVID route, ps. looking for them on a map kills time!

Although the challenge is totally free we've teamed up with 'My Sports and More' to bring those that want it a little bling for getting involved. Profits go to NHS Charities Together... The cost is £10 for the wooden Medal including postage/packing and £6 for the slate decoration. Message Luke on Facebook if you are after these.


For a concrete design-a-trig, fill out the form below, click "Submit", it will Thank you!

You will then receive an e-mail from Luke with Bank Details transfer the correct amount and we'll sort the order for you. They are £12.50 for one and each additional one is £10.00. No paint or other artistic stuff included!! These are not mass produced in a factory, they are hand made by Ian with a series of homemade moulds, they're quirky! You're in the wrong place if you're after a mass produced, pristine, to-scale trig!!

Trig Decoration.jpg
Concrete Design-A-Trig - £12.50 for 1
and £10.oo for any additional

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