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The PCR TT Series


The Time Trial (TT) is a free monthly event organised by PCR to get people exploring the coast path and surrounding trails around Plymouth and provide a bit of friendly competition for those who are interested. On the first weekend of the month a route is set up with details (maps, GPX files, photos) made available on the site and arrows put out (if possible). All you have to do is register on the site to access the members area, for all info, routes, dates etc (Click Log In/Register - Top Right).

The TT is a ‘virtual event’, rather than a race where everyone starts at a set time you complete the route anytime you want between Friday and Monday (inclusive) the first weekend of the month. To provide a leaderboard the route is set up as a Strava segment so if you want to be included in the leaderboard you need to record the run using the Strava app or a GPS watch linked to Strava and make your run PUBLIC.

Although you can do the TTs whenever you want, there are often lots of groups who go out and do it together, they will normally post to see if anyone else wants to join them on the Facebook group. The infamous GIN GIRLS will always make an appearance and love to have more along, a brilliant group to go with regardless of whether you're new to the game or not. They may be called the GIN 'GIRLS' but they don't discriminate, everyone's welcome.

The TT used to be three set routes, the same three each month but due to a landslide at Jennycliff we were forced to revamp the old structure to this one that hopes to get you exploring the coast path a little more...

Although the TT is free, we do hold a month long event in October that we charge for. A portion of the profits go to the South West Coast Path Association (SWCPA) and each year we have a different memento. This is our way of giving back to the path and helping towards its upkeep. you wouldn't believe the cost of a set of steps or a signpost, they estimate it costs about £1000 per year per mile to keep it together. This is how our usually free event is a 'Coast Path Friendly Event'. Read more...


This is a social event and not a race. It is your responsibility to look after your own safety, not the organiser or PCR. You do it in your own time, any time between Friday and Monday inclusive. There is no insurance, prizes etc... You do the routes at your own risk (be aware there could be muds, floods, cows, rabbit holes, dogs, other humans, horses, badgers, roads, cars etc along the way) and hopefully have a good time exploring the coastpath and surrounding area! We then compile the results. Easy right?

For a TT attempt to be added to the leaderboard it must register as the segment on Strava. Attempts which do not register as a segment due to navigational or GPS errors will be added to the leaderboard but outside of the main results. Results must be emailed to:

Have fun, be careful and considerate of other users of the paths! Please apply common sense regarding dogs on/off leads especially around livestock and shut gates behind you especially when animals are present! Feel free to share the event to get as many people as possible involved.


By getting involved with our events you agree to adhere to the National COVID restrictions and Countryside Code.

Much Love! Happy Running!

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