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Who is this group for?

Broadly speaking anyone who enjoys exploring the coast path already or is interested in doing so but unsure where to start. There are people in the group who have a lot of experience of running on the coast path and have completed coastal ultramarathons, there are people who mostly run on the road but like to run on the coast path occasionally and there are people who are just getting into running/walking and enjoy being outdoors.

How fast do you normally run?

It depends on who is organising the run but we make sure no one gets left behind. Unless someone says the run is going to be at a specific pace it is normally flexible. Ideally with enough people running there can be a couple of smaller groups at difference paces. If there are only a small number of people out, running at quite different paces, faster people will normally loop back to make sure no one gets too far behind.
If you are unsure about the pace of a run the best thing to do is comment with the pace you think you’d like to run at, with a group so large there are bound to be others who also want to run at that pace so hopefully it will encourage them to join! For the TT's we are trying to organise a walking group each time

When is your regular club run?

We’re not a club so we don’t have a club run! We try to go out for a weekly run mid-week (sometimes a standard run, sometimes a hash etc) and quite often go for a social run at weekends (sometimes as far as Rame Head and on to Looe, or Mothercombe and beyond in the other direction) but it depends on who is around and willing to organise. Most of the time someone will decide they want to go for a run and fancies some company so will post for others to join in.

How far do you normally run?

It varies, whoever is organising the run will put a rough distance but there are normally options to make it longer or shorter as needed by turning back sooner, cutting off bits or adding extra loops in. As previously mentioned, putting a comment with how far you want to run is the best thing to do, the person organising the run is likely to have suggestions and you might also encourage other people to do an alternative distance with you. Even the people in the group who run 100+ mile ultra marathons had to start off with shorter runs and build up!

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